Japanese mom’s curry rice

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:30 minutes


・2 pieces halal chicken wings (Chicken thigh or beef is available.)
・Small potato (100g)
・1/4 small onion (45g)
・1/6 carrot (30g)
・1/2 piece garlic
・150ml water
・A small spoon salad oil or 1/3 small spoon coconut oil
・1 2/3 big spoon halal certified curry powder

*small spoon: 5cc or 5g, big spoon: 15cc or 15g


1. Cut vegitables into bite size pieces. After cutting a potato, put in water. Slice garlic into thin sectons (Shown 3 people serving size on a photo.) .



2. Howsewife’s secret trick!
Put sliced pieces of a potato and a carrot into a tupperware and heat them up in a microwave for 1.5-2 minutes.



3. Heat up a pan on medium heat, put oil and garlic into a medium and fry meat once garlic smells.



4. Once the color of meat’s surface changes, put in and fry pieces of an onion.
When pieces of an onion becomes translucent, put pieces of a potato and a carrot described in 2. and further fry.


5. When the surface of pieces of a potato get a bit translucent, put water and boil on high heat.

At full boiling, skim the scum and boil pieces of potato until cooked.


6. Once turn off a fire, put curry powder and melt down. Once melt down, boil on low heat for approx 10 minutes and ready to serve.


<Cooking point>
・By heating vegitables which are hard to cook by a microwave in advance, you can cook curry for a short time.
It is a secret trick that you can save time and gas cost. You can apply it to cooked dishes. Please try it.

・Since commercially available curry roix includes animal extracts which are not slaughtered halal, basically it can not be used.
Please choose raw materials with no concerned points, such as halal certified roix etc.
For information of usaful curry powder, please check “How to choose curry roix” .

・Japanese curry is arranged depending on each family.
This time here is the most basic direction, and there are various arrangements of seasonings of soy sause, sause and ketchup etc and materials of tomato and cheese etc. Please try various ones.

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