How to choose Halal foods & seasonings

If you cook dishes according our recipes, it does not mean it can be Halal dishes.

When you actually cook, you need to choose ingredient and seasoning that are not contained raw materials derived from pork and alcohol.
Moreover, you must care for the cooking environment and cooking utensils.


Therefore, on this site, we will provide the below information in reference for those who actually cook.

  • The basic choice of each food and seasoning
  • Introduction of halal certified materials and seasoning (both of Japanese and from overseas)
  • Products which are not acquired halal certification, however, whose raw materials are displayed clear on the food label.


Please refer to more information at Site policy  so that you could draw your understanding and consent. Thank you very much.


Seasonings that we should avoid to use

Mirin (Sweet cooking rice wine)

Mirin is one of the Japanese basic seasonings.
However, it is the fermented food made from alcohol, so we cannot use Mirin at all.
Therefore, we have created recipes by using alternative seasonings or devising cooking.

As an alternative seasoning of Mirin, you can use Halal certified Mirin style seasoning, and pure honey.


みりん風調味料と同様の調味効果を追求した、ハラル認証の甘味調味料です。ハラル甘味調味料 50...

【Halal certified】Hinode sweet seasoning 500ml

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(Information given as of November 2015)

Japanese Sake(Alcohol)


Sake is often used in Japanese dishes, but you cannot use it for Muslim at all.
The food that contains alcohol in raw materials also can not be used.

When you choose soy sauce and miso, please choose the alcohol additive-free product. (For details, please refer to each page)
Some processed foods incrude the alcohol component as raw material. For example, the skin of dumplings.
Accordingly, you need to check the food label carefully and choose the alcohol additive-free product.




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