Simmered pumpkin and minced chicken

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:20 minutes


50g ground chicken
100g pumpkin
50g broth
1/2 small spoon soy sauce
1 small spoon sugar
2 small spoons water
1 small spoon starch
Proper amount of oil

*A small spoon: 15cc/15g



1. Cut pumpkin into bite size pieces and boil in water just at the cover water level.

2. Put oil in a fry pan and fry ground chicken.

3. Add broth, soy sauce and sugar.

4. Make it thicken by water beaten starch.

5. Mix 1. and 4.


<Cooking point>

Since given the taste on ground chicken paste well and mix with pumpkin, we start to boil pumpkin putting in water.


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