Tomato jelly

<Basic Information>

・ Servings: 1 person
・Cooking time: 25 minutes ※ estimated time


30g Tomato
70g Water
0.5g Agar powder (Kanten)
13g Sugar


1.Peel the tomatoes in using hot water method, and cut into dices. (with seeds OK)

2.Add water, sugar, and agar into pan and place it in the stove. Once agar melted well, add tomatoes and cook over medium heat until boiling point.

3.When the mixture is cooled, pour it into a mold to set.

<Point of cooking>

The “hot water method” means, boiling a whole tomato in hot water. When it cooled skins will float. it is a good cooking method for peeling.

You cannot use gelatin for Muslims. So always try to use the agar powder. Also can use halal certified vegetable gelatin.

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