Torijaga / Stewed Chicken and potatoes

<Basic information>

・Serving size: 1 person
・Preparation time: 30 minutes



50g halal chicken thigh
80g potatoes
20g Konnyaku noodle (devil’s tongue potato, magnesium hydroxide)
50g onion
20g carrot
2g slice of dried Japanese mushroom
5g green peas
7g sugar beet
5.5g light soy sauce
3.5g dark soy sauce
1g canola oil



1. Cut halal chicken thigh and potatoes into bite-size chunk. For carrot into 1cm quarter slice, for onion into comb-shaped.

2. Grease a pot, stir fry chicken thigh. After finished it, take out chicken on a plate and stir fry the others intergradient.

3. Add water to 2 to sink all materials after stirred oil and it, put back chicken and bring to a boil. Take off a bitter, after adding seasoning, first sugar beet, and second soy sauce in order.

4. Add Konnyaku noodles, continue to boil. Cooked through potatoes and carrot, finish!



<Cooking point>

Please don’t place Konnyaku noodles near to chicken because the meat will be hard, so let put it separately.


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