Chicken ball

<Basic information>

・Serving size:12 balls
・Preparation time:20 minutes


・250g minced chicken
・1/2 rice ball cold rice
・1/2 small spoon salt
・1 small spoon grated ginger
・1 small spoon beet sugar
・1 big spoon starch
・Shallot (Green part)

*1 small spoon: 5g/5cc

1 big spoon: 15g/15cc


1. Put minced chicken, cold rice, salt, grated ginger and beet sugar and mix them well.
After mixed well, add starch and mix furthermore.


2. Put water and a greet part of shallot for removing smell into a pan.


Once boiled, make it on low heat, and make balls (a size of a table tennis ball) of minced chicken and put in a pan.

As boiling more and making them swell, make smaller balls than those of the serving size.

Boil on low heat for approx 10 minutes and ready to serve.


3. Cooked chicken ball can be put in a pan or added starchy sauce and you can taste them (For the starchy sauce, please refer to lotus dumpling.).

野菜を加えて煮た、鶏団子鍋。 Chicken ball pan dish with boiled vegetables

Chicken ball pan dish with boiled vegetables

For broth, add 2 small spoon salt, pinch of sesame oil and leek, and you can make it as soup and it shall be delicious.


Chicken boll noodle with soumen, minced chicken, and thinly sliced long onion.


Three days can be stored in the refrigerator.

<Cooking point>

・For mixing, we use rice, and if you use hot rice, because its heat shall be affected on minced chicken, please use cold rice.
・When you boil chicken balls bubbly, because rice shall be in tatter, please boil on low heat gently.

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