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All recipes are for Non-Pork&Non-Alcoholic

We have arranged all recipes to cook by using food materials which Muslims are able to eat with reliefe.

For food materials and seasoners which are necessary to take care, we prepare the description on the page “How to choose food materials and seasoners”.


Cooperation in developing recipes by managerial dieticians and university students whose major is nutrition.

Offered recipes by current expert managerial dieticions, in cooperation with Mr. Seiichi Sasaoka, Professor, Faculty of Health and Dietitian at Bukyo University, also overall cooperation in developing recipes by current university students who learned food knowledge and skill systematically.

There are many high quality recipes good for your health.


Provide information how to choose food materials and information as for halal cerified food.

Provide how to choose food materials when you reappear a recipe and information halal certified food at the same time.

You can learn basic knowledge regarding halal food.


Reproducible recipe by using available food around Japan

Since there are few halal cerified food and it is expensive to buy in Japan, currently it is hard to acquire them.

Thus, we prepare recipes to use many seasonable vegetables and seafoods which you can eat even if they are not halal-certified.

Also by using food materials available at the supermarket or on the website, we provide recipes available for cooking by anyone.


Value taste of seasonal food and avoid chemical seasoning and food additive

To aim at cooking safer and more relieved, we arranged recipes not to use unnecessary processed foods as little as possible.

Also, regarding foods which are introduced on this website, we shall introduce foods which you can eat with reliaf, such as additive-free food against chemical seasoning, food of JAS standards for organic vegetables.


Website operation on information disclosure, which is not based on halal certification.

It is said that Muslims by themselves who eat the food decides whether given food is halal or not and the judge is different from person by person, and thus, there is no correct answer.

Therefore, HRJ shall operate this website by information disclosure, by disclosing recipe information, as well as disclosing ingredient information in case of providing food information, and leaving the decision to users for themselves whether to judge halal or not.

※For details, please refer to site policy.


Provide safe, relieved and health recipes which not only Muslims but also anyone can eat.

We prepare recipes based on Non-Pork,Non-Alcohol for Muslims, and also of course, there are many recipes available for Japanese people who are not Muslims.

For reference for partially food allergy, we prepare recipe categories of no use fo egg, milk and wheat flour.



We would be very pleased that this small recipe website is useful for your health food life if any.


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