How to choose frozen pie crust

It shold avoid a normal pie crust that sales in supermarket, because that contains many additives such as margarine.
The following products are not Halal certificatied.
But they don’t appear to be a problem in raw materials display.
If you are worried, please refrain from use.


Featured frozen pie crust (No HALAL certification)

サックリ感と小型にカットされた逸品!ニュージーランド産フレッシュバター100%使用!冷凍パイシート 正方形10枚×2(パイ生地)【40g/枚】【冷凍のみ】【D+0】【父の日 ギフト プレゼント お返し お中元 お歳暮 パーティ】【hishock】
flour, butter, salt
(Information given as of November 2015)
■冷凍生地■パイシート450g「150g×3」_ <冷凍パン生地>
flour, butter, salt ※ 100% fresh butter
(Information given as of November 2015)
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