How to choose Tofu and processed soy foods


Raw materials of Tofu are soy and bittern, so it’s healthy. Tofu is useful ingredient of food because not only Muslim but vegetarian can eat it.

This food contains high quality vegetable protein. So it’s good for Muslims who can’t eat pork to get vitamin B1. So let eat it positively.


We suggest you choose Soy beans for making Tofu that aren’t genetic recombination (Non-GMO).
Though we use usually antifoaming agent (glycerin fatty acid ester) to avoid making bubbles when we boil soybeans, Tofu that don’t contain it is better than it is used in that to not take additives.

Please choose Tofu that you like it but don’t forget check label of food carefully because there are many kind of Tofu.


Food self-supporting rate of soybean is very low as 6% in 2014.

(※However, just for eating without salad oil and oils, self-supporting rate as 21%, information from homepage of ministry of agriculture and fisheries)

Soybean is basis of Japanese food and raw material of seasoning, such as soy sauce and miso.

Choosing commodity that includes domestic soybean is saving domestic soybeans producers.

And purchasing domestic commodity make little CO2 than importing from overseas by transportation, so it is ecology movement.

To save Japanese food culture and global environment, we hope you would choose the best commodity that contains domestic soybeans to support it.

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Processed soy foods(deep-fried Tofu and half fried Tofu)

Let choose processed soy foods (made from soy dough) than are used vegetable frying oil.

And also, let choose commodity as being careful with the other materials in processed soy foods.

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Soymilk is a drink that includes soybeans and water. It is made from mashed soybeans, add water in it, boil it for a long time and finally filter it. That is soymilk.

Soybean contains many isoflavones, as this component has similar works to “Estrogen” that is ingredient of female hormone, it becomes the focus of public attention as helping to keep the beauty and youthful of women.


Also, you can use it for substitute of milk, people who have milk allergy can drink it.

However, the opposite, people who have soybean allergy can’t take in it. So please be careful.

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Kinako (Roasted soy flour)

Roasted soy flour is a flour that made from roasted and grinded soybeans.

It is referred to as being useful for improving constipation because it contains many vegetable protein and dietary fiber. We usually eat it with yogurt. So it become popular for healthy food.

In Japan, it is often used in Japanese traditional sweets, so we hope you enjoy eating it for Japanese traditional ingredient.

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