How to choose oil

Pleasa choose the oil from 100% vegetable which does not contain an emulsifier.
For example, salad oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, Egoma oil, olive oil.
If you fry something, you must be careful that you don’t fry pork in the same oil.


Halal certified oil

日清商会 ハラールこめ油13.5Kgバックインボックス
“Nisshin Shokai” halal rice oil 13.5kg
edible rice oil (Non-GMO)
(Information given as of November 2015)
“Nisshin Shokai” halal sunflower oil 16.5kg
edible su flower oil (Non-GMO)
(Information given as of November 2015)
JASオーガニック認定バージンココナッツオイル500ml 1本【期間限定!キャンペーン価格!】 有機認定食品 virgin coconut oil (冷温圧搾一番搾りやし油)[CT]
[JAS organic certification] virgin coconut oil 500ml (cold squeezing/first squeezing coconut oil)
organic coconut (Non-GMO)
(Information given as of November 2015)


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