How to choose vinegar


Let’s choose the alcohol additive-free vinegar, that there is no description of alcohol in raw materials display.
Please use your favorite vinegar like rice vinegar, brown rice vinegar, Kibi vinegar etc.

However, vinegar is the fermented seasoning same as soy sauce and miso.
So very slight alcohol component contains even if there is no display on label.
Towards the anxious Muslim, it would be good to use the Halal certification vinegar.


Dressing, Mayonnaise, Sauces

It is better not to use regular sauces because there’s a possibility that alcohol is added to the raw material.
If you’re sure of the content, then you can use it.

More information is here >>


◆Halal certified vinegar:

ハラル認証 いろいろ使えてうまいっ酢

Iroiro tsukaete umaissu (useful & tasty vinegar) 500ml

Vinegar, soy sauce (brewed), sugar, fructose glucose liquid sugar, salt, flavoring (bonito, sardine anchovy, kelp),
seasoning (such as amino acids), lactic acid, vitamin B1
*small amount of wheat & soybeans included
(Information given as of November 2015)

One Dish Asia すし酢 700ml

“One Dish Asia” Sushi vinegar 700ml

rice vinegar, sugar, salt, seasoning (amino acids)
(Information given as of November 2015)


◆Featured Vinegar(No HALAL certification)


【有機JAS認定】内堀 有機玄米酢 500ml

[Organic JAS certifiication] “Uchibori” organic brown rice vinegar 500ml

Organic rice
(Information given as of November 2015)

ミツカン 純玄米酢 900ml

Mitsukan pure brown rice vinegar 900ml

Organic brown rice
(Information given as of November 2015)

有機純米酢 老梅 500ml[米酢]

[Organic JAS certifiication] organic pure rice vinegar “Roubai” 500ml

Organically grown rice
(Information given as of November 2015)

ミツカン 純米酢 金封 国産米100%使用 500ml[ミツカン 米酢]【あす楽対応】
(Information given as of November 2015)
【有機JAS認定】ムソー 有機アップルビネガー(純リンゴ酢) 360ml
[Organic JAS certifiication] Muso organic pure apple vinegar 360ml Raw materials:
Organic apple juice
(Information at the time November 2015)


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