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Welcome to “HALAL RECIPES JAPAN” page!

This website is  the specialized recipes website for Muslim people, first-ever in Japan, to begin with our desire, “We would like Muslim people who follow food restriction to eat Japanese delicious food.”


Muslim people in Japan shall enjoy Japanese homemade food by themselves.

There are quite few restaurants where Muslim people can eat with relief in Japan where is non muslim country.

We are noticed by Muslim international students and Muslim people working in Japan that there are many Japanese foods which they have not eaten, even though they live in Japan. However, even so, it is very lonely.

HRJ shall provide recipe information using seasonal food in order let all Muslim people, especially non Japanese people, in Japan get more enriched and support to enjoy Japanese food by themselves.


Offer a hint to take the first step for Japanese people who would like to welcome Muslim people.

The times when there are recently Muslims, at the approx one-quarter in the world. Hence, in order to let Muslim tourists who has further increased enjoy dishes with relief in Japan, we need to understand Muslim and let people who are able to cook for Muslims increase.

HRJ would like to offer a hint to “how to cook dishes for Muslims” as the first step.

Furthermore, we would like to support a person who takes actions as for Muslims at schools or in medical places, or a person who welcomes Muslims at work or in a private time, and contribute to promote cross-cultural understanding through food.


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