How to choose Meat

You should be careful to choose meat, even though it’s not pork.
For Muslim, you MUST use Halal certified meat,that has been treated with slaughtering method in line with the Isramic doctrine.
In Japan, you can purchase Halal certified chicken and beef at the Muslim-friendly grocery store or at online shop.

In recent years, you can find Halal certified frozen meat imported from South America such as Brazil at the supermarkets for business.

Also it does not have much familiar in Japan, but some Muslim people like to eat sheep meat.



There are Halal certification mark on each meat packages.


Watch out! Animal ingredients hidden in processed foods


It’s not enough to be careful for only fresh meat.

Many processed foods include animal ingredients like “Chicken extract” and “animal fat”.
But Muslim can not eat them unless these ingredients are original from halal slaughter animals.

Japan is not a Muslim country.
So basically Muslim can’t eat the processed foods which include animal ingredients.
Animal extract has been widely used for processed foods in Japan.
For example, curry powder, stew of Lou, bouillon, white sauce, the seasoning of Chinese.
As an example, let’s look at this food label.


砂糖/Sugar: there is a possibility that cattle bone meal is used in the purification stage

食部油脂/Edible oils and fats: There is no description about animal origin or vegetable origin

醤油/Soy sauce: there is a possibility that alcohol is used as a preservative of this soy sauce

ビーフエキス/Beef Extract: cattle extract which has’t been halal slaughtered

チキンエキス/Chicken Extract: chicken extract which has’t been halal slaughtered

香辛料、調味料(アミノ酸等)、酸味料/Spices, seasoning (such as amino acids), acidulant:

It’s unclear what kind of raw materials are included


By the above reasons, you should avoid this product.


On the other hand, we can also find many products like “animal-derived ingredients non-use”, “100% vegetable-derived ingredients” recently.
These products can be used if it does not contain alcohol component.
Not only Muslim but also vegetarian can eat these products. And it’s more healthy than animal-derived one!

As a bonus, when you wash the dishes and pot, you do not have to suffer from the heavy fat.

Please try the vegetable-derived processed foods for you and your family’s health.



Feutured vegetable-derived foods(No HALAL certification)

アリサン ベジタブル・スープブイヨン(88g/11g×8個)
sea salt, palm oil, yeast extract, corn starch (non GMO),
vegetables (onion, celery, carrot, leek), herbs (parsley), spices (nutmeg, turmeric), garlic
(Information at the time November 2015)
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