Absolutely prohibited pork!

For Muslims, one of the most things to care about is to avoid the pork.

Do not take pork, of course, and food that contains food additives and raw materials derived from pork is also prohibited.


Here, the problem comes out.

Food labeling in Japan is very ambiguous and complex, the can not recognize promptly whether it contains ingredients derived from pork.


For example, ham, sausage or bacon, etc. have made from pork, you can avoid easily.

However, “gelatin” What about gelatin?, only it is written gelatin on the label, can you immediately imagine pork?


Gelatin is raw material made from pigskin. However, it is difficult if there is no knowledge.

Gelatin is included in really many variety of processed foods.

Surprisingly they are included in ingredients of Oden, pulp yogurt, marshmallows, up to the rice




Even pork fat “lard“. Margarine, ice cream, soup and seasoning might be used, such as the


In this case, display of the lard, of course, margarine and things such as emulsifiers are

displayed in the raw materials, and thus, hit the Shubuha (questionable) if you cannot confirm and

do not contain pork-derived component, they should avoid them

As for the processed foods which are described as the emulsifier (soy-deriverd),

it will be easy to recognize the display because you can see that it is not derived from pork.



In this way, even as not written pork directly, because there is a possibility that contains the

additive derived from pork, when buying processed foods, you need to be careful enough.



Therefore, in the “HALAL Recipes Japan”, we try to offer recipes as for using seasonal ingredients and simple seasoning only without using processed foods as much as possible.


“Not this,” “This is also useless”, since you will lost happiness to eat, rather than

thinking of cooking less, and “use the foods that you have”, cooking will be more fun.

If you try this way.


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