Kenchinjiru(Japanese tofu and vegetable chowder)

<Basic information>

Serving size: 1 person
Preparation time: 40 minutes



1/2 Firm tofu (soy, coagulating agent (bittern))
1 Potato
1/4 Onion
1/8 Carrot
3cm Chinese white radish
1/4 Burdock
8cm Green onion
1/4 Konnyaku (devil’s tongue potato, magnesium hydroxide)
1/4 Deep fried tofu (soy, oil of rice, bittern)
1 small spoon Sesame oil
1 small spoon Miso (fermented soybean)
300cc Water


1.Wrap firm tofu in kitchen paper to let the water drain off.
Cut potato into quarter slice and put it in water. Cut onion into comb-shaped, cut carrot and Chinese white radish into quarter slice.
Cut burdock into 5mm diagonal and put it in water to remove the bitter.


2.Put sesame oil in a pot and heat up it, and put firm tofu that be let the water drain off in the pot. Stir-fry it. After it is done, put the other ingredients of 1 without deep fried tofu in it, and stir-fry it.


3.After the oil and ingredients be mixed, put 300cc water in it and boil it. On the way of making it, remove a bitter, continue to boil it until it is cooked for 15 minutes.


4.Put deep fried tofu in 3 and finished boiling, turn down the heat, put miso in the pot, finish!



<Cooking point>

We use normally dashi(Japanese broth) for Japanese tofu and vegetable chowder but this is not. We use miso to make it tastier.
You should choose miso that is halal or miso that is not used pork and alcoholic food additives.
This dish is healthy and full of ingredients because it is used many vegetables.
You don’t necessarily use all this vegetables of ingredients, you can use it in your home.


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