Pumpkin spinach gratin

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:40 minutes


・50g halal certified chicken thigh
・50g (approx 1/16 cut) pumpkin
・1/8 bundle spinach
・1/8 piece onion
・15g (approx 1/2 pack) eryngii mushroom
・75cc soymilk
・5g (if any) rice flour
・Proper amount of cheese for gratin
・Proper amount of bread crumbs
・Proper amount of oil
・Proper amount of salt and pepper


1. Boil spinach lightly.
Cut an X at the base of spinach, wash well and remove soil.
Boil water in a pan, boil the base setting up for 5 seconds and put the whole in a pan.
Take off after 15 seconds, remove scum by pulling cold water.


2. Cut integredients into bite-sized pieces.
Heat pumpkin at 500w of a microwave for approx 3 minute, peel coats and cut only contents.
And also, cut spinach in 1. and squeeze well and cut into pieces in approx 4cm length.


3. Put oil in a pan and put chicken from a skin side.
When roasted the surface of chicken, put onions.
When the onions get translucent, add and fry pumpkin and eryngii mushrooms.
At last, put spinach and mix roughly.


4. After having cooked in a whole, add soymilk mixed with rice flour, mix on medium heat slightly not to scorch and boil for approx 8 minutes.
Halfway, taste and adjust flavor by adding salt and pepper.
When liquid reduces, cook integredients and get thick entirely, then turn off the fire.


5. Put above 4. into a bakeware, add cheese and bread crumbs, bake at 1000w of toaster oven and ready to serve.



<Cooking point>
・Although it is desirable that you use cheese which does not include emulsifier and bread crumbs which acquire halal certification,
please choose primary materials which do not include shortning and margarine derived from animal.
This time we add both, you could use either.

・If there are rice flours, it get much thinck. If not, it does not matter.

・Gratin with spinach, winter seasonal, and soymilk at low carolie.
The point is sweet taste of pumpkin, you can cook a healthy recipe without white sause or butter.


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