Wrapped fried shiitake mushroom and shrimp

<Basic information>
・Serving size:2 people
・Preparation time:30 minutes



8 fresh shiitake mushrooms
230g fresh shrimps
2 big spoons egg white
Proper amount of starch
A pinch of salt and pepper
8 pieces of perilla

*A big spoon: 15cc


1. Cut a pileus of shiitake mushrooms from with an axis of them. Remove abasal portion of stipe and chop into fine pieces. Wash and drain perilla.

2. Put the backside of a pileus of shiitake mushrooms.

3. Remove shells of shrimps and minced to be chopped by a kitchen knife. Put them with chopped axises into a bowl.

4. Add egg whitem once adding salt and peppet for tasting tightly, mix into gruel.

5. By using a paddle or a spoon, put 4. on the backside of shiitake mushrooms and put perilla on it. Again put starch on the surface lightly.

6. Fry heated oil at the 170℃ in putting shrimp sidedown. In the middle, turn over.

7. Once showing the fried colour on the surface and make shiitake mushrooms soften and elastic, ready to serve.


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