Lotus root rice cake

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:15 minutes


90g lotus root
2.5cm long green onion
4g carrot
*1/2 big spoon starch
*A pinch of salt and pepper
*A pinch of soy sauce
1/2 big spoon oil

*A big spoon: 15g/15cc


1. Grate lotus root. Chop long green onion into fine pieces. Cut carrot into approx 2cm strips.

2. Put and mix material 1.* in a bowl and make pieces as a coin shape in diameter.

3. Heat salad oil in a fry pan, add 2., fry the dough until translucent and show the fried colour.


<Cooking point>
It is OK that you use sesame oil instead of salad oil. It smells spicy and makes it delicious.
When you eat, you can add mustard as you like.


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