Simmered chicken wings and radish

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparatiom time:40 minutes


2~3 pieces (100~150g) halal certified chicken wing
100g radish
1 egg
2 big spoons soy sauce
1 big spoon sugar
A pinch of soy sauce
200cc water
Proper amount of oil

*A big spoon: 15cc/15g


1. Make a boiled egg in advance.

2. Cut radish into approx 1.5cm thickness.

3. Put proper amount of oil in a pan and cook chicken wings (Color brown.).

4. Add radish, a boiled egg and seasoners and boil cevered by a drop lid until radish gets softened. (20-30 minutes).


<Cooking point>
If you parboil in advance, the cooking time would be short.
After turn off heat, and leave for a while, soak the taste into ingredients.

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