Foil grilled salmon with butter and soy sauce taste

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:15 minutes


1 cut of salmon
Proper amount of salt
20g onion
15g brown beech mushroom
10g enoki mushroom
10g carrot
Proper amount of butter
Proper amount of soy sauce


1. Cut onion, brown beech mushroom, enoki mushroom and carrot into bite size pieces.

2 Apply butter on an alminum foil.

3. Flour salt on salmon and let it dry well.

4. Put salmon and other ingredient on an alminum foil and shut it.

5. Bake in a grill for fish for approx 7 minutes.

6. Add soy sauce.

7. Serve on a plate.


<Cooking point>
Dry salmon’s water component well. A cooking condition is OK if salmon is baked well.

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