Baked tomato and potato covered by cheese

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:40 minutes


1 potato
50g halal certified ground beef
1/6 onion
1/3 tomato
16g cheese for gratin
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of pepper
Proper amount of nutmeg


1. Peel potato, put coarsely, put them into a heat-resistant container, cover by plastic wrap and heat in a microwave for 4 minutes.

2. Pick up a container from a microwave, mash potato and add salt and pepper.

3. Cook ground beef and finely chopped onion, and add the taste by nutmeg.

4. Spread mashed potato on a gratin plate and spread ground beef 3.

5. Line sliced tomato on gound beef and flour cheese on it.

6. Heat at 230℃ in an oven for approx 20 minutes and ready to serve.


<Cooking point>
When you cook, please keep your eyes on it.
You can use mayonnase instead of cheese.


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