Custard pudding

<Basic information>
Serving size: 1 person
Preparation time: 40 minutes
Calorie: 160kcal


■Egg liquid
25g egg
50g milk
8.5g beet sugar
1 drop of vanilla essence


■Caramel sauce
5g beet sugar
3ml water
3ml boiled water
5g butter


1. Apply a thin layer by hand on a pudding pan.

2. Put 1/2 water into a kettle and boil it.

3. Put sugar and water into a pan and boil them.

4. When coloured, put boiled water and pull into a pudding pan promptly.

5. Crack an egg in a bowl, add beet sugar, add milk little by little, add vanilla essence and mix all.

6. Strain and mix by a rubber spatula. When mix well, put the egg liquid into a pudding pan.

7. Line pudding pans on a cooking vat and pull hot water (including in an integredient) into a cooking vat in order to fill water in the /3-1/2 of the vat.

8. Steam at 180℃ in the convex oven for 20 minutes, take out after 20 minutes and cool it down.

9. When cool down, serve over.


<Cooking point>
・As caramel sauce is set promptly, please transfer to a pan quickly.


・If there is a convex oven, steam in a pan.
In the case, cover egg liquid 6. by an aluminum foil, line a pudding pan in a thik pan and pull hot water as many as 7..
When turn on the heat and boil, you cover a pan, after steam on low – medium heat for 15 minutes, insert a bomboo stick and cook fully, ready to serve.

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