Baked sweet potato

<Basic information>
Serving size: 10 pieces
Preparation time: 40 minutes


2 (400g) sweet potato
20g butter
1~2 big spoons sugar
2 big spoons milk
1 egg yolk (For glazing in baking)


1. Put sweet potato into a deep plate filled with 100cc water, cover by plastic qrap and heat for 15 minutes (Available to use a steam cooker for a microwave).

2. Peel while it gets hot.

3. Mash by a rice paddle. Put butter while sweet potato is hot and mix them.

4. Add milk and sugar and mix well.

5. Spread plastic wrap, put sweet potato, gather the edge of wrap, roll them around at the top and show layer such as a cloth using in a tea celemony.

6. For glazing, brush egg yolk on the top surface.

7. Heat at 200℃ in the oven for 15 minutes and ready to serve.


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