Tofu hamburger

<Basic information>
Serving size: person
Preparation time: 30 minutes


50g ground chicken
50g tofu
10g hijiki, kind of brown algae, already put back in water again.
10g carrot
5g onion
10g lotus
4 big spoons starch
Proper amount of oil
A pinch of salt and pepper

3g enoki mushroom
100g broth
1/2 small spoon soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
2 small spoons water

1 small spoon starch

*A big spoon: 15cc/15g

*A small spoon: 5cc/5g


1. Drain off water on tofu

2. Put hijiki back in water again.

3. Finely chop carrot, onion and lotus.

4. Put tofu drained off, hijiki, ground chicken, starch and chopped vegetable and mix them.

5. Add salt and pepper to 4. and make the hamburger shape.

6. Put oil in a fry pan and cook a hamburger.

7. Add enoki mushroom to broth and boil.

8. Once boil, add soy sauce and salt and arrage the taste.

9. Put starch mixed with water, once it get thickened, put on a hamburger.

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