Brancmange made of roasted soybean flour

<Basic information>
・Serving size:1 person
・Preparataion time:15 minutes (Excluding a cool down time)


100cc milk
8g Cornstarch
6.5g sugar
6.5g toasted soybean flour
Proper amount of brown sugar syrup


1. Mix milk, cornstarch, sugar and toasted soybean flour in a bowl and pour through a strainer etc.

2. Put 1. in a pan, boil on high heat, once it get thick, reduce heat, and mix up until it get mayonnaise liquid state.

3. Put warm material in 2. into a pan which apply salad oil (not described in the integredient) split and slightly.

4. Once it sets, add brown sugar syrup as you like.


<Cooking point>
The completion imaga is same as a bracken starch dumpling.

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