Seafood Marinade

<Basic Information>

・Servings: 1 person
・Cooking time: 20 minutes


<Ingredients >

20g Shelled shrimp
20g Squid roll
20g Onions
10g Cucumber
3g Paprika

◆for dressing
8g Olive oil
3g Soy sauce
0.3g Salt
3g Vinegar
Sugar a little

<How to make>

1. Boil the squid and shrimp with hot water add lemon while boiling to increase the flavor.
2. Cut all the vegetables into stripes. Mix all dressing ingredients.
3. Place the seafood on top of the vegetables, pour the dressing over the salad.

<Point of cooking>

Most of the dressing sold in the market, cannot be used for Muslims, so let’s make it by ourselves.


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