Red beans rice

<Basic Information>

Quantity: 1 servings
Cooking time: 90minutes


<Ingredients >

110g Rice
15g Red beans
1g Salt
qs Salt-and-pepper



1 Wash the red beans and drain .
2, To take off the scum put the bean into a pan and put some water , and boiled for 5 minutes over high heat, once beans are boiled then drain .
3, Put the water 1.5 times into scum opened beans, again cook the beans tender over medium heat.
Once boiled, cool the red beans in colander.
Keep aside the bean broth to cook the rice.
4, Put the rice and bean broth into the rice cooker, add some water if it is not enough. Amount of water is usually the amount.
Put the salt Stir lightly, put the red beans and switch on the rice cooker.


<Point of cooking>

Sprinkle some salt and sesame.


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