Chocolate mousse

<Basic Information>

– Quantity: 1 servings
– Cooking time: 20 minutes (+1 hour to refrigerate )



<Ingredients >

50g Milk
50g Water
10g Sugar
2g Cocoa
1.3g or 1.9g Agar powder, agar
◆ decoration
5g Fresh cream
1g Sugar
5g Strawberry



1, Dissolve water, sugar, powdered agar in a pot.
※ When using agar instead of the powdered agar, mix with the sugar and dissolve with water
2, Melt the cocoa with hot water or water out of amount.
3, Add warm milk into 2 mix it well and add the mixture to1
4, When the mixture cool down put into a dish and refrigerate it for 1 hour.
5, Beat the cream and sugar to make whip cream, decorate it with strawberry, now it’s done.


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