Itoyori acqua pazza

<Basic Information>

– Quantity: 1 servings
– Cooking time: 10 minutes



<Ingredients >

1 Itoyori with Bone (or white fish)
1 clove kelp out
1/4 onion




1, pour the hot water over the fish, and wash. Slice the onions thinly.
2, Put the kelp in a pot, add the sliced onion, and add the fish on it.
Put the water gradually, and steam it in high heat for 5 min covering the lid
Watch out not to run out of water,.
3, once steamed up, add salt and pepper to your own flavor, add lemon juice, citron, now it’s done



<Point of cooking>

Fish broth will come out of the bone, so let’s select the bone fish.
Also when the steaming, it is good to add some herbs, such as bay leaf and rosemary to your own taste.


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