Tofu with a thick starchy sauce

<Basic Information>

– Quantity: 1 servings
– Cooking time: 30 minutes


<Ingredients >

40g Halal chicken thigh
120g (about 1/3 Ding) Tofu
20g Carrot
50g Greens (spinach, mustard spinach,bok choy , etc. anything)
100cc Broth
8g Soy sauce
5g Kibi-to

■ Starch in water
8g Potato starch
15㏄ Water



1, cut the half Tofu into 1/6, boil quickly.
2, cut the carrot into strips, greens can be trimmed to about 5 cm, to boil quickly in hot water.
3, put the broth in a pot, carrot, boil the chicken once, add the Kibi-to, and soy sauce.
4, put tofu and greens, and boiled. adjust the seasoning if you like.
Once you put the starch in water, stop the fire, mix well lightly as around, again put the fire to thicken.



<Point of cooking>

Once you stop the fire and put the starch in water, it will not be clumping.


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