Chicken Namban Onigirazu

<Basic Information>

– Quantity: 1 servings
– Cooking time: 20 minutes


Fried one of the chicken (see recipe here)
1 cup rice bowl
1/2 sheets baked laver

■ The scrambled eggs
1 egg
Beet sugar 3g
Salt a little
Oil 1g

■ sauce
Soy sauce 5g
Beet sugar 3g
Vinegar 2g
Halal certification Mirin style seasoning 1g



1, align the seasoning sauce and marinate fried chicken about 10 minutes.

2, eggs were beaten, and mixed with beet sugar and salt, to make egg and roasted in a frying pan that has caught a thin oil.

3, put the seaweed on to spread the wrap.
The top half of the nori, spread half of the rice. Place the 2 and 3 at the center of the rice, is placed flat the remaining rice.

4, as rice is hidden and winding the nori, pressing strongly winding tightly whole lap.
As it is ready to cut in half every lap.


<Point of cooking>

When fried chicken left over, you can use as arrange menu.


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