Homemade dumpling

<Basic information>
・Serving size:4 people
・Preparation time:90 minutes
■Dumpling skin
250g hard wheat flour
250g wheat flour
250cc hot water
1 small spoon salt (as you like)

■Dumpling filling
200g halal certified chicken thigh
1/4 cabbage
1/2 bundle of Chinese chives
1 small spoon grated ginger
1 small spoon grated garlic
1 big spoon salad oil
1 big spoon soy sauce
1 small spoon sesame oil
1/2 small spoon salt

*A big spoon: 15cc/15g

*A small spoon: 5cc/5g


1. Make the dough. Mix hard wheat flour, wheat flour and salt in a bowl.

2. Pull hot water circularly, mix the whole by long chopstickes. When it collects up, mix such as kneading by hand and collect up the whole in one.

3. Once collects up, remove the dough from a bowl and knead further by hand on a cutting board or block. At the time, do not sprinkle flour.

4. When stir to combine, make balls when there is no powdered ones. Cover by a wrined wet kitchen towel and leave at the room temperature for a half hour to an hour.

5. On the block sprinkled wheat flour, cut the left dough in quaters. Such as rolling respective balls over, make them as bars at 4cm in diameter and cut into 1cm length by a kitchen knife.

6. Spread cut doughs by hand. When spread the dough such as avaraging the thinness and making balls by a rooling bud, complete skins.

7. Until use skins, flour wheat flour and lap over to prevent from sticking and put a wet kitchen towel tightly squeezed.

8. Make filling. Chop cabbage into fine pieces. Flour a pinch of salt (excluding the ingredient), mix the whole such as kneading and drain off water.

9. Cut Chinese chieves into 1cm width pieces. Put them in a strainer and make them wilted by pulling hot water from the top.

10. Put remained ingredients of dumpling and mix until meat get thickened.

11. Add cabbage 5. and Chinese cheves 6. into 7., mix the whole to make it even further and complete filling.

12. Wrap up filling by made skins.

13. Line dumplings in a fry pan which put oil. Cook on high heat for 1-2 minutes, pull 100cc (excluding the ingredient) and steam on medium heat after drop a cover.

14. When water get dried, remove a cover, cook until it get dried completedlly and ready to serve.


<Cooking point >
When you increase the percentage of hard wheat flour, it would be appeared sticky for boiled dumpling.
Please choose non alcohol soy sauce and vinger when you eat dumplings.
You can use remained dumpling skins for mini pizza and apple pie.
However, since it takes longer time, we would recommend to buy halal dumpling of Nikkoken for whom cannot face difficulty in cooking.


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