Nikkoken special! Nasi Goreng with Life chilli sauce by Dainari GOKA

<Basic information>

・Serving size : for a person
・Preparation time:10 minutes


<Ingredients & Amount>

・A big spoon of Oil
・200g Cooked rice
・30g Minced Chicken
・a proper amount of black pepper
・1/2 small spoon of salt
・1/2 small spoon of consomme
・a proper amount of minced paprika (red & yellow)
・2 big spoon of Life chili sauce lime
・1 sunny side up egg
・some green leaves



1, Make a sunny side up. Minced red and yellow paprika

2, Put the oil into a pan. Bake minced chicken.Season with a little salt and pepper.

3, Add cooked rice and stir-fly with chicken. Season black pepper, consomme, and salt again, then mix all well.
Let’s loosen well the rice!

4, Put Life chili lime sauce and stir-fly well.Put minced paprika and stir-fly lightly.

5, Turn off the heat and ready to serve on the dish with green leaves.
At last, put a sunny side up on the Nasi Goreng.


<Cooking Point>

By adding paprika just before finishing, the texture will remain tasty.


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