Mentaiko pasta Japanese style

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 people / 4 times for Bento
・Preparation time:20 minutes


<Ingredients & Amount>

・100g Pasta
・1 piece of Mentaiko
・2 big spoon of milk
・10g butter
・1 big spoon of soy sauce
・baked seaweed or perilla (Ooba)



1、Boil pasta with a little salt.

2、Squeeze the mentaiko in the bowl and add milk and butter.

3、Put boiled pasta into the bowl, and mix well.

Spread shredded baked seaweed or perilla then finish.


<Cooking point>

If you don’t like hot taste, please change Mentaiko to Tarako instead.

For bento, short pasta is suitable.



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