Tomato stew hamburger

<Basic information>

・Serving size:2 people / 4 times for Bento
・Preparation time:25 minutes


<Ingredients & Amount>

・160g Halal certified beef minced meat
・1/4 onion
・3 cm carrot
・1/2 cup Halal bread crumb
・2 big spoon of starch
・salt and pepper


■Tomato sauce
・1 can of Peeled tomato or Chopped tomato
・2 big spoon of soy sauce
・2 big spoon of sweet rice cooking wine (halal certified)
・1 big spoon of ketchup
・salt and pepper


1, Mix all ingredients of tomato sauce.



2, Minced onion and carrot. Then mix all ingredients of hamburger well.

Divide into 4 pieces. If you use it for bento (lunch box), please divide into 8.

Throw the meat like a catch ball with both hands, remove the air inside and make it into an oval shape.



3, Put a little oil into a pan, and bake hamburgers on middle heat.


Bake one side for 2-3 minutes each, add tomato sauce if it is baked crispy.


Stew for 7 to 8 minutes with a low heat. Occasionally hang the sauce on the hamburgers.



<Cooking Point>

It can be stored in a storage container and stored for two days in a refrigerator.




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