Okara scorn(with plane&chocolate chip)

<Basic information>

・Serving size:12 pieces
・Preparation time:45 minutes


・150g raw okara (soybean curd refuse)
・150g wheat flour
・2 small spoon baking powder
・30g sugar
・30g margarine
・35g chocolate chips (as you like)

*1 small spoon:5g/5cc


1. Put sugar and margarine into a bowl and mix them.


2. Add raw okara, sifted wheat flour and baking powder to 1. and mix them by a rubber spatula.


3. Put 2. into a thin plastic bag, knead them well and leave for a while in a lump.


4. Heat at 170℃ in a microwave. Put a baking paper on a baking board.
Cut and open a plastic bag of 3, and divide into one half for plane scorn and another half of chocolate chip arrangement.
For plane one, divide into 6 equal parts. For chocolate chip one, divide into 6 equal parts after mix chocolate chips with the dough.


5. Bake at 170℃ in a microwave and ready to serve.


<Cooking point>

・Please choose margarine excluding emulsifier.

・When we use okara for sweets making, we usually use it after baked. In this recipe, we put the dough together by water including in okara, by means of using raw okara.

・When you make scorns shape balls, it is easy if you punch out the circle by a cup. Please make balls by hand if there is a remained dough.

・For chocolate chip scorn, please do not make small balls, and please make rough shapes, and then it shall be delicious if chocolate chips shall be melted at the end.

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