Easy! Snow ball

<Basic Information>

・Serving size:12-15 pieces
・Preparation time:45 minutes

<Ingredients & Amount>

・50g soft flour
・50g starch
・20g sugar
・2+1/2 big spoon oil
・Proper amount of powdered sugar


1, Put all ingredients into a thin plastic bag.

Mix well and lump together. Keep the dough a while.




2, Pre-heat at 150 degrees in the oven.

Put the baking sheet on the oven sheet.

Make the dough into 2cm balls , and put on the baking sheet.

It is easy to collapse, but it is OK if you make a boll.



3, On the oven which has already pre-heated at 150℃, heat for 15 minutes.

Once baked, please wait until cool without touching because it is easy to collapse.


4, After cool down, put a powdered sugar.


<Cooking Point>

You can cook it easily with daily ingredients in home. Small children can also enjoy cooking! Please try together.



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