Fried rapeblossoms with sesame

<Basic Information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:20 minutes


・1 rape blossoms
・1/2 small spoon soy sauce
・1 small spoon sesame oil
・sesame seeds

*1 small spoon: 5g



1、 Cut off the root of rape blossoms. Then wash it well.

Boil hot water in a pan, and boil rape blossoms quickly. Once boiled, turn off the water.

2、After rape blossoms are cool down, cut them into a bite-sized pieces.

Add sesame oil in a pan, then fry rape blossoms, soy sauce and sesame seeds.



<Point of cooking>

・Because you put sesame seeds, it becomes more aromatic. At the same time, sesame seeds absorb moisture so it’s perfect for lunch.



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