Squid hamburger

<Basic information>

・Serving size:3 people(6 pieces)
・Preparation time:20 minutes


・2 pieces squids
・1/2 egg white
・1 big spoon starch
・1/2 small spoon beet sugar
・6 sheets perilla
・1 small spoon broth or water

*1 big spoon: 15cc/15g

1 small spoon: 5cc/5g


1. Remove inner organs of squids and wash them by water cleanly.
Cut arms and meat of squids into clunks and make them mince by a food processor.
If there is not a food processor, mince them by tapping finely.


2. Add egg whites, starch and sugar with 1., mix well and divide into 6 equal parts.


3. Heat oil on a fry pan, make a ball of squid meant, put on a fry pan and heat on medium heat for 3 minutes.


Before flip them, put a face of a perilla on each piece and flip them, heat for 3 minutes more.


After heat, add broth or water, cover the pan and pot-roast for 2 minutes, and ready to serve.

<Cooking point>

・Since it tastes salty, you can taste it with no flavor.
・When you heat, if you make balls smaller, you can put them in a lunch box.
・If you cool them down well and then put in a hermetic container, you can store them in a refrigerator for 3 days.
・You can also use them for sandwich. In that case, please add tartare sauce mixed by chopped onions and mayonnaise.

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