Rich brownie

<Basic Information>

hot plate 25cm×25cm (32 pieces)


290g salt free butter
350g granulated sugar
100g Cocoa
140g Soft wheat flour
1/3 small spoon of salt
4 eggs


・Bring egg and butter back to room temperature. If you don’t have enough time, you can skip this step.

・To work easier, put hot water into a pan, and put a bowl in it.

・To work easier, put a wet cloth under a pan and fix it.

・Pre-heat at 170℃ in the oven.


1, Put butter into a bowl and dissolve. Put granulated sugar, eggs, cocoa, and salt into a bowl in this order, and mix by a whisk each time.



2, Mix well until luster comes out. Add shifted flour and mix by rubber spatula.


3, Bake at 170℃ for 30 minutes. Remove remained heat, and cut.

<Cooking point>

It is delicious if you add banana, chocolate tips, almond or walnut.

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