Gruel with whitebait and egg

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time: 15 minutes


<Ingredient &Amount>

・150g cold rice
・2 small spoon Whitebait
・1 egg
・150cc water



1、Put cold rice into a sieve, and wash it to remove stickiness.
Boil whitebait quickly to remove fishy smell.

2、Put water and 1 into a small pan, cook on high heat.
Once boiling, you shall turn on low heat and simmer until the it gets dried.
3、After rice become softy, mix fresh egg and put into a pan.
Mix up quickly and turn off heat. Steam for 2 minutes with a lid.
Please put soy sauce if you like.


<Cooking point>

・When you catch a cold or you have stomach ache, the gruel is one of the suitable menu.


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