Lotus kimpira

<Basic information>

Serving size: 1 person
Cooking time: 10 minutes


・50g Lotus
・10g Carrot
・1/2 small spoon of Sesami oil
・1 small spoon Soy sauce
・2/3 small spoon Beat sugar
・Suitable amount Sesame


1、Cut lotus into 2mm slices and steep it to remove the bitter.
Cut carrot into 2mm slices.

2、Add sesame oil to a pan, heat up it over a medium flame and add lotus and carrot in the pan.
Add beet sugar and soy sauce. Stir fly it until lose water.
3、Dish up 2 into a plate and sprinkle sesame frome above. Finish!


<Cooking point>

・For lunch, it is useful to freeze in small portions.

・This taste is sweet for children. If you add red pepper at last, the taste becomes hot for adult.


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