Seafood sushi roll

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:30 minutes



110g rice
1sheet cooked dried lavar seaweed

<Combined vinegar>
★14g sugar
★26g vinegar
★1g salt

<Ingredient for sushi roll>
Favorite materials as you like (tuna, sea bream, etc.)
1/4 Cucumber

<Japanese rolled omelette>
20g egg
5cc broth
2g sugar
0.3g salt
1g oil


1. Put seasoners for vinegared rice (★) in a pan, boil them and make combined vinegar.
Pull them on cooked rice circularly and make vinegared rice.


2. Prepare ingredients for sushi roll. Cut cucumber in quarters.


3. Make Japanese omelette. Mix egg, broth, sugar and salt and cook in a fry pan after putting oil.
After cool down the omelette, cut in quarters crisscrossly.



4. Put a lavar seaweed on a rolling mat, and put vinegar rice, and line prepared ingredients.

Roll from the edge such as grasping tightly, cut into bite size pieces and ready to serve sushi rolls.


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