Tulip sushi roll

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:30 minutes


110g rice
1&1/2 cooked dried lavar seaweed

<Combined vinegar>
★14g sugar
★26g vinegar
★1g salt

<Ingredient for sushi roll>
Spinach 50g
Sakura denbu(fish flake for sushi) 30g



1. Put seasoners for vinegared rice (★) in a pan, boil them and make combined vinegar.
Pull them on cooked rice circularly and make vinegared rice.

2. Prepare ingredients for sushi roll.
Blanch spinach with boiling water for 30~60 seconds. Cool 1 with running water.

3. Put a lavar seaweed on a rolling mat, and put vinegared rice.
At this time, make 2 small mountains by rice in front side.
Put sakura denbu between rice mountains, and put spinach on the outside of mountains.



4. Put a half  lavar seaweed on rice mountains.

Roll from the edge such as grasping tightly, and ready to serve a sushi roll.


<Cooking point>

“Sakura denbu” is usually made of cod(fish), sugar, and coloring.
Some of them include the additives “sorbitol(ソルビット)”, which is contained in the alcohol component.
So please avoid products containing sorbitol.


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