Seasoned rice with chicken thigh and Japanese mushrooms

<Basic information>

Serving size: 4 persons
Cooking time: 60 minutes



2 cups rice
150g halal chicken thigh ★
1 pack Japanese mushrooms
1/4 carrot
1 pack Additive-free Japanese broth (Dashi) ※It is not mentioned using soy sauce or addition that you can’t traced to a reliable source on label.
1/2 small spoons salt
2 cups water



1. Wash rice in water, set a rice cooker.

2. Cut halal chicken thigh and Japanese mushrooms into bite-size chunk. And mince carrot.

3. Add intergradient of 2, 1 pack of Japanese broth (Dashi) and 1/2 small spoon salt in 1, set the mode of seasoned rice.

4. After finished cooking, take out 1 pack of Japanese broth (Dashi).


<Cooking point>

Thanks to using extract of chicken and Japanese broth from fish, you could savor good taste in spite of using a few seasoning.

The best is halal Japanese broth (Dashi) but if you couldn’t get it, you could cook with Japanese broth (Dashi) without amino acid, soy sauce and sweet sake.

Not necessarily to using pack Japanese broth (Dashi), you could cook this dish with your making Japanese broth (Dashi).

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