Nanakusagayu (Seven spring herbs Gruel)

<Basic information>
・Serving size:2-3 people
・Preparation time: 1 hour 15 minutes



<Ingredient &Amount>
・Seven spring herbs : 1 set
(Nazuna, Suzushiro, Suzuna, Gogyo, Hakobera, Hotokenoza, Seri)
・Rice 1gou (180ml)
・Water 4.5 cup(900ml)
・Solt 1 pinch



1、Wash rice and take it into colander. Wait for 30 minutes.

2、Wash seven herbs well, and boil quickly. Then cut them finely.

3、Put rice and water into a pot and cook with high heat.
Once boiling, you shall turn on low heat, and boil for 30 or 40 minutes.
The lid can be kept slightly shifted.
In addition, please do not mix because stickiness comes out when you mix.


4、After rice become softy, establish a taste with salt, and add seven herbs.
Once the herbs are tender, ready to serve.



<Cooking points>
Nanakusagayu is one of the Japanese traditional foods.
It’s eaten in the morning of January 7th to wish you and your family good fortune and health of this year.


Each seven spring herbs have good effect for health.
For example, “Seri” has the effect of appetite stimulation, and “Suzushiro (Radish)” has the effect of helping digestion.


Your stomach would be tired by New Year’s feast.
Let’s eat Nanakusagayu, and let the stomach rest gently.



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