Is Halal a religion, business or science?

Upon the slogan “Halal for business!”,  the restaurant business got heated for “halal certification”.

On the other hand, based on the concept which halal certification is not always necessary,

an approch of “information disclosure” type which is cleared that using additives etc are not derived from pork.

What we would like to think of is, what is halal?

We need to grasp three aspects.

God’s tradition, prophecy from muhammad, that is,


Also, currently in Japan,


Understand halal as business.

However, what we should think of further,


Used additives for preservative quality or texture improvement.

Only at a glance of integredients representation of products packages,

you can not find “there are no pork derived”.

It is required to explain the food processing skill to draw understanding easily.

Dr. Umar Santoso (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

(Written by Seiichi Kasaoka, Professor, Faculty of Health and Dietitian at Bunkyo University)

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