Boiled yellowtail and radish

<Basic information>
・Serving size:4 people
・Preparation time: 45 minutes


<Ingredient &Amount>
・600g  yellowtail (spine and fresh)
・400g radish (approx 16cm long)
・500cc water
・50cc halal cerified sweet cooking sake seasoner
・3 big spoons soy sause
・2 big spoons beet sugar
・1 piece hayani kelp (approx 8cm×2cm size)
・4-5 slices of ginger

*1 big spoon: 15cc/15g


1. Cut radish in 2cm width, peel coats thickly and cut into semicircular clices.


2. In order to remove from smelling fishy,  put a slice of yellowtail into boiled water (not described in ingrediantes) one by one, and put a chilled water when its surface colour is turned out.



3. Put radish, yellowtail and other seasonings into a pot and cook on high heat.
Once boiling, you shall turn on medium heat slightly, skim off and drop a lid, and boil for 30 minutes.


4. When cooking water decreases and gets thick sause, and then ready to serve.


<Cooking points>
・Staple homemade cooking, for use of winter seasonal yellowtail.
Although sake and sweet cooking sake are mostly included, they could not be used for Muslim people.
Then we used halal certified sweet cooking sake seasoner instead of sweet cooking sake this time.
Also, by including kelp, we could add gultamic acid as a good taste component and appear the deepened good taste.


・Since the yellowtail extracts the good fish good tastes from bones, we would not use slices but we shall use its spine and fresh.
Around coats and eyes get elastic and filled with collagen. We can expect a beauty skin effect!

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