Crispy! Thickened! Takoyaki

<Basic information>

・Serving size:2 people (24 pieces)



・400cc broth
・100g wheat flour
・1 egg
・1 big spoon sweet rice cooking wine (Made by Yokoi Vinegar Brewery Co., Ltd.)
・1 big spoon soy sauce

・120g octopus
・1/8 cabbage
・15g long green onion
・15g tempura bits

・1 big spoon mayonnaise
・1 small spoon soy sauce

・Proper amount of dried bonito flakes
・Proper amount of Life chili sauce
・Proper amount of oil
*1 big spoon: 15cc / 15g

1 small spoon:5cc/5g


1. Prepare dough. Put water into a pan, and abstract thickened broth by a broth package etc.

2. Break and beat an egg, add cooled broth and seasonings and mix all.  Add wheat flour little by little and mix to get rid of pockets of flour.

3. Prepare fixings. Cut octopus into pieces at approx 5g for each.
Chop cabbage into fine pieces and cut a long green onion into round slices.


4. Heat a cast-iron plate of takoyaki and pull more oil.
When it gets hot, pull dough at the half level of a hole and add enough fixings.
Add remained dough with full of a cast-iron plate and heat for 3-5 minutes more.

5. When the surface of takoyaki gets crispy, turn upside down by a bamboo skewer and bake more.
Sometimes turn upside down, make balls and ready to serve.

6. Add dried bonito flakes, sauce by mixing mayonnaise and soy sauce and chili sauce etc as you like and taste it.


<Cooking point>

・As the broth taste is thick, you can taste it deliciously without sauce.

・Please avoid commercially-available takoyaki sauce or okonomiyaki sauce.

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