Saury of pot cooked rice

<Basic information>
・Serving size:4 people
・Preparation time:60 minutes
2 go (300g) white rice
2 fresh saury
1 package brown beech mushroom
500cc broth
2 big spoon soy sauce
1/2 small spoon salt
Proper amount of thin green spring onion

*A big spoon: 15cc/15g

*A small spoon: 5cc/5g
1. Wash rice, drain in a colander and leave. Make first broth by dried kelp and dried bonito.

2. Remove a head and internal organs of saury, slice into three fillets and flour salt. Remove a butt end of brown beech mushroom and crumble brown beech mushroom.

3. Put salad oil (excluding the ingredient) in a fry pan and cook the surface of saury on high heat for 2-3 minutes.

4. Put rice, broth, saury, brown beech mushroom, soy sauce and salt in a pot, cover it and cook on high heat.

5. Once boil and bubble up, reduce heat and make it on medium heat for 12 minutes more. Turn off heat and steam for 5 minutes more.

6. Flour thin green spring onion and ready to serve.
<Cooking point>
It is a point that you cook saury first and then boil after that.
When you care about the smell, please boil with thinly sliced ginger.


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